In the "spirit" of Halloween, I'd like to share with you this picture of a ghostly apparition at my place. Every morning, as the rising sun casts its light upon my front screen, the profile of a man with an odd "square" mustache slowly appears for about 5 minutes and then gradually disappears. Is it Charlie Chaplin? Is it Adolf Hitler? You be the judge.

You can blame my pet cat for this ghostly phenomenon. This screen used to be flat and taut and unremarkable. And then one day, my cat decided to do a "Spiderman" and climbed up this screen door, causing it to sag a bit. Doing so, my cat must have opened up a portal to another dimension because the following morning, this apparition started to manifest itself every morning at 7:15, gradually disappearing by 7:20. Strangely enough, this apparition does not appear whenever it's cloudy. Happy Halloween!
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