Selling life insurance is not the easiest job in the world. Believe me. I sold life insurance before. Imagine this... there you are seated on the sofa talking with your prospects, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. To break the ice, you tell them how much you admire them for being very responsible and loving parents. You tell them how lucky little Tommy is for having such wonderful and loving parents. And Mr. and Mrs. Smith smilingly agree with you. Yes! A buying signal! Good work! You're on a roll...You keep emphasizing how much they love much they really love their only child...You see tears in Mrs. Smith's eyes...Great! You've talked to their emotions! You open your proposal, an endowment plan that would earn dividends and build a fund for little Tommy... Mr.Smith likes the numbers he sees...Mr. Smith looks into Mrs. Smith's eyes and you can see they're buying... THEY ARE BUYING! You give them a pen... and just as they were about to sign, you opened your mouth one more time and said :" And if little Tommy dies..."                         
You should've seen the horror in Mrs. Smith's eyes...But you couldn't have because Mr. Smith was already escorting you out the door...Loser!
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